Halloween Gift Baskets

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to create baskets for.  I file it under “fluffy holidays”, which means that I can get as crazy as I want with halloween gift baskets, and it’s never too much.  All the wonderful colors against the black backgrounds, all the fuzzy spiders and funny monsters – who doesn’t relish a candy eyeball or gummy worm?  This year I have some wonderfully decorated chocolate lollipops – yum!  And finding different containers is also fun – especially for children (dragons, horses, and frogs, oh my!).  If you have special containers just get them to me and let me have at it.  I will create the perfect gift basket for your special person or executive offering.

Why not look around and find your own special gifts and give them to me and let me run.  I can take your products and put them together in a way that all your friends will talking about your gift baskets.  Remember that we have a large assortment of unique containers you may choose to use in your selection.  Just give me a call and lets talk about it.  Your baskets will be crammed with premier chocolates, candies, coffees, mugs, teas, snack specialties, special stationary, potpourri, picture frames and basically anything you can think of.  Call me and lets collaborate together and create the most unique gift, or executive gift baskets you will ever find.