Ramsey & Murray, P.C. has purchased our client’s Christmas gifts from Patrice Gift Services for the past several years.  Each year they design something new, creative and very festive to meet our needs.  The food products we choose from multiple selections are delicious and complimented by our clients.  We recommend Patrice Gift Services for your holiday gift giving needs.
Debbie Worley
Office Administrator
Ramsey & Murray
Attorneys at Law

Debbie Worley

Office Administrator, Ramsey & Murray Attorneys at Law

When I call Patrice Gift Services I know that the gift will have immediate “WOW” power because of the creative and pleasing presentation.  Pat’s imagination really takes off when you give her some information about the recipient’s interests, hobbies, occupation, or preferences.  I especially like the fact that when I tell her what my budget is she stays within the budget without ever compromising quality.

Angela Jackson

Director, American Academy of Dance

Our company has taken advantage of Patrice’s beautiful baskets on many occasions.  Their baskets are of top quality and Patrice uses beautiful gifts and gourmet items to fill the baskets with very little filler paper! Our clients have often commented on how unique these baskets are.  Patrice has also come to our rescue on short notice and created such imaginative work!

Jeanne Dyer

Manager, Permian Medical Billing, Inc.

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